Lorngrim of Tyrus

Big, black and bald


Strength: 3
Agility: 1
Mind: 0
Appeal: 0
Brawl: 1
Melee: 2
Ranged: 0
Defense: 1
Quick Recovery (regain additional lifeblood)
Fearsome Looks (+1d6 when intimidating)
Unsettling (-1d6 in social situations)
Lifeblood: 13
Barbarian: 1
Slave: 1
Gladiator: 1
Pirate: 1
Mercenary: 1


About a year before his birth, Lorngrim’s clan was involved in a war against the sorcerer Puriarus, who was subsequently defeated in a manner not spoken of. Lorngrim’s clan was aided by the pirate Dominici.

Lorngrim of Tyrus

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